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Whether you want a tree taken out of your backyard or need trees removed & planted in your company's parking lot, we provide a one-stop solution for all your tree care needs. View our complete list of services below or contact us for a free estimate.

tree removal, tree care, tree pruning, wood chipping, forest grove, hillsboro, tigard, beaverton
tree removal, tree care, tree pruning, wood chipping, forest grove, hillsboro, tigard, beaverton

Just had an old maple tree removed from property yesterday. We hired Marble Tree Service to do the job and sure glad we did. Justin and Clayton did an amazing job, were professional, considerate and efficient. Even took the time to communicate with the client. Will definitely use their services again.
— Linda, Google Review


Tree Removal

tree removal

Not all trees will have long lives in the urban environment. Many trees are improperly planted, damaged during construction, or planted in inappropriate locations where they quickly interfere with buildings, infrastructure or human activity. Many trees will decline and die due to numerous stress factors (abiotic and biotic disorders), necessitating removal.

We can handle tree removals of any size. Most trees in the urban environment or near structures, require special equipment and skills to get the job done. Don't risk your life and property trying to remove a tree on your own. Call or email today for an estimate or consultation. 

emergency tree removal

Trees or parts of trees often fail during extreme weather, including heavy rain, snow, ice and wind. Unfortunately, these failures can cause property damage and even loss of human life. We are available for emergency cleanup and safe removal of failed or failing trees. We have experience lifting trees off of houses and minimizing damage to property in these situations. 

included with tree removal

No need to hire another service to grind the stump, clear branches, chip wood, or plant a new tree. We offer a complete, stress-free experience so you can go from a dangerous or messy yard to like-new conditions, without having to hire 5 different companies.


Preventative Care


Trees often need to be trimmed away from structures, overhead lines, or areas of pedestrian and vehicle traffic. Mature trees often have large dead branches in the canopy that should be removed to reduce risk. Hire Marble Tree Service to safely and properly trim or prune your trees. 

risk assessment

Justin is an ISA Certified Arborist and holds a Tree Risk Assessment Qualification. He is trained in assessing and quantifying the risk that a given tree poses to life and property. He can provide you with reports outlining the risk your tree(s) pose and offer mitigation options to bring the tree(s) to your acceptable risk threshold. This service is most often utilized by commercial property owners or managers looking to minimize risk and liability on their properties. It can be very useful to residential property owners with mature trees that may have historical, cultural or sentimental value and need to be preserved. 


Many trees may be very healthy but have structural defects that greatly increase the likelihood of whole tree or tree part failure. In these cases, cables or bracing can be installed to correct the structural defect and create a much safer situation in which a tree isn't unnecessarily removed. Living with trees and continuing to enjoy the benefits they provide, sometimes means taking measures to insure their health and stability. 


Trimming & Consulation

fruit tree/ornamental tree pruning

We offer maintenance pruning or restorative pruning on fruit trees. Most fruit trees should be pruned once a year to remove most adventitious growth (water-sprouts) and should be done by someone who knows how to properly prune each tree so as not to remove fruit bearing wood.

We also offer fine pruning and sculpting on ornamental tree varieties.


We are often called upon to help a customer make informed decisions about the trees on their property. This may include a consultation prior to purchasing a property or breaking ground on a construction project. We can help you understand your tree or urban forest resources and offer a plan to protect and preserve those resources within the framework of your long term plans for a site. 



brush/blackberry/land clearing

Are blackberries taking over your property? We have the equipment necessary to clear large areas of blackberries, brush, and small trees. We can also clear entire sites prior to development, including debris and stump removal.

wood chipping

Do you have a giant pile of brush in your yard that's been sitting there since last spring? We offer wood chipping services for those customers who have done some projects on their own but just need the debris chipped and/or hauled away. 

stump grinding

Hire us to remove those unsightly and difficult to remove stumps! Our equipment make quick work of even the largest stumps. 

Justin has come out twice to provide arborist services, he first did a survey and risk analysis of trees on the home I was looking at purchasing, which helped me determine which trees I needed to remove and which could be saved. He came out a second time to remove three Birch trees and chipped and ground the stumps. Definitely will be using this company for all the work I need in the future.
— Storm, Google Review